The Amazing Kreskin (about Martin Lass):

"...I had the truly exciting joy of seeing and hearing one of the most remarkable musical soloists and entertainers I have ever seen.  In my lifetime I can imagine no one but Liberace bringing the magic, artistry, and the mystique of the piano to its fullest level.  I must enthusiastically say that I feel the same way about Martin Lass.  As a violinist & entertainer he is absolutely magnetic.  To describe the impact that Martin Lass had on his audience is to describe the effect that he had on yours truly for I found myself vociferously cheering and applauding along with every single member attending his performance.

At another era in history people hearing his playing would almost describe him as demonically possessed, so powerful and mesmerizing is his work.  At a period in show business when we find a consistency of monotonous sameness, Martin Lass, as far as I am concerned is an exciting virtuoso not to be missed."

"He remains for me, to this day, the most exciting violinist virtuoso I have even seen and heard." (September, 2004)........

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