John Patrick Schutz - Applause! Applause!
(about Martin Lass):

"When I arrived at Martin Lass's show at Don't Tell Mama, I was curious as to how a strictly instrumental show could keep my interest for a full hour. I need not have worried. Martin Lass is a musical wizard, a sprightly magician who can make his violin speak the language of the heart. In a term my Irish ancestors would understand, Martin Lass is a true Bard...

...Lass' first original piece of the evening, "Sonnet", reduced me to tears. This evocative, haunting refain was one of his earliest compositions. I remember sitting there thinking "there are no words - how can he make me cry?" And yet it was so, Lass' heart and soul get bowed into that violin and emerge as a glorious sound that stirs the very soul...

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Martin Lass showed us he's also quite a fiddler too, with favorites like the traditional "Orange Blossom Special" and the Gypsy Melody "Two Guitars" (believe me, if you heard it, you'd recognize it). The last three selections were indeed all gypsy music and the audience barely kept from dancing on the tables... the not-to-distant future you're going to have to go to Carnegie Hall or a similar venue to see this amazing talent.

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