David Finkle - Backstage Magazine, New York, Jan 26, 2001
(about Martin Lass):

"Chicago-born Aussie Martin Lass has another Monday (Jan 29) at Don't Tell Mama where he's dipping a toe into the New York City cabaret scene before undoubtedly going on to international fame and his own PBS fund-raising special. Just call him Yanni with a fiddle, because he's a classically trained musician who appears to be finding happiness peddling violin to people who wouldn't be caught dead in a concert hall.

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As he works that bow and those strong fingers with virtuosity and sways like a sapling in the wind, the longhaired Lass lad looks and is dressed like someone who might have followed Liszt into the best European salons. The style's gonna serve him well. Neither does it hurt that he couldn't be pleasanter relating autobiographical bits in between skittering from a Bach toccata to a hot-hot " Hot Canary" to "Orange Blossom Special" to a rather deft blending of Sondheim's " Send in the Clowns" with a Rachmaninoff variation on that familiar Paganini theme. Though what Lass is doing isn't traditional cabaret, its not an issue, because the boites is clearly not where he intends to linger."

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