1. We remember with great fondness your performances on our cruise.
    We just found one of your recordings and were happy to hear you, but we did not like
    the amplified background music. It drowned out your superb intonation and melodic
    strength in the high notes.
    Do you ever come to Florida????? Doing the bigger Club venues. Would you play
    with the Palm Beach Symphony> We would love to hear you again – LIVE!
    With fond memories, Sigrid
    PS: my mother’s name was also INGEBORG!


    1. Hi Sigrid! Always great to get feedback! Which cruise was it, do you recall? Regarding my recordings, there are a number of them, and not all have louder background music. If you’re on Spotify or Apple Music, you can check out all the albums there. Regarding Florida, I’ve never been… except on cruises, and that kind of doesn’t count for what you’re talking about! Haha! I’ve done a number of concerts with symphony orchestra before, combining classical and popular, and people have loved it! If I get over that way, I’ll certainly look up the Palm Beach Symphony! Regarding your mother, Swedish? Dutch? My wife is Dutch. Have a great Easter weekend!

      Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7kGrHZotvn8pNWICsbpHtb
      Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/martin-lass/4381075


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